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F. A. Q. 


  • Are the Alameda Arts after school programs onsite at the schools?
    Yes! We are onsite at Paden, Maya Lin, and Otis schools. The children come directly to us after school and we stay on campus.
  • Are snacks provided?
    Yes, we provide healthy snacks each afternoon. We always have fruit or vegetables and a protein such as cheese or yogurt. Sometimes, we cook blackbean soup or cheezy rollups.
  • Does Alameda Arts cover early release days?
    Yes, we do.
  • Are school holidays covered?
    No, Alameda Arts provides after school programming only when the children have school. If the students are not at school there is no programming.
  • Do kids have outside time?
    Yes, they do! We offer children the choice to be inside or outside. They are free to play on the yard and play structure or participate in the organized activities we offer.
  • What does an average day look like at Alameda Arts?
    The children come to us at the end of their school day, they check in with our staff and we serve a healthy snack. At Maya Lin, and Otis, our room operates like an art lab with a designated project each day and the ability for children to build, create and play with lots of materials on their own. Staff supervise all sites where children are playing enabling the children to move in and out at will. At Paden, children can choose to spend their time in one of four spaces encouraging creative play. - The art room offers plenty of materials to explore independently. - The media center for homework help and quiet reading. - The playground is where children run around, play wall ball, basketball and organized games - The multi-purpose room for big building, games, cooking projects, dance parties and a variety of things to do.
  • What do you do on a rainy day?
    We love rainy days! If it’s not pouring rain, we play outside. We offer a variety of indoor activities in addition to our daily art projects. Some of our favorite activities are Personal Best Olympics, sticky note dancing, and playing with playdough. We stay busy.
  • What is your student to teacher ratio?
    We maintain a ratio of 15 to 1. We also hire school helpers, often alumni of our program, in addition to the adults staff members allowing for lots of big friends for the kids
  • How do we sign up for the after school program?
    Contact Alameda Arts at for availability and enrollment details.
  • How are billing and payment set up?
    Billing is handled through an online system that allows families to choose either monthly invoices or automatic payments via credit/debit card. The monthly cost is based on the total annual cost of the program spread out evenly over 10 monthly payments, from August through May. Only families joining us during the middle of the school year will be billed for time in June.
  • Why don't you charge less during holiday months?
    We charge a set amount every month so that our families can budget accordingly. We do not charge extra for longer months or 1/2 days. The set monthly fee is 10% of the cost for the full year. Families who pay from August through May (10 months) will not be billed in June.
  • Are scholarships available?
    At Paden, a limited number of scholarships are made available through LCAP funds from AUSD for those students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. These spaces in the program are distributed through a lottery held in May. We have limited availability at our other sites for need based scholarships.
  • How do we sign up for summer camp?
    Summer camp signup begins in February on a first come, first served basis.
  • How do you choose the staff for Alameda Arts?
    We find most of our staff through friends and family networks. Our staff must pass a Live Scan screening with the Department of Justice and have proof of a negative TB text to work with children. We understand the importance of community and employ high schoolers so our students have big friends and we have many former middle school students who drop in to visit and play. We provide professional development and ongoing training for all of our staff.

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