Are the Alameda Arts programs onsite at the schools?

Yes, we are onsite at Paden, Maya Lin, Otis and NEA Schools. The children come directly to us after school and we stay on campus.

What happens on early release days?

We are at the schools until 6:00 each day the children are in school. We cover all early release days including the first three weeks when the Kindergartners are released at 11:40 a.m.

Are snacks provided?

Yes, we provide healthy snacks each afternoon. We always have fruit or vegetables and a protein (cheese, yogurt..). We also will sometimes have homemade blackbean soup, cheesy roll ups, or another cooked item.

Are school holidays covered?

No, Alameda Arts provides after school programming only when the children have school. If the school is closed, there is no after school program. The one non-student, teacher workday is also not covered.