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Alameda Arts Staff


Renate Westbrooks

Site Director

Fun Fact: I have been teaching so many years I have taught some of my students' children.

Stephanie Bailey

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I am as sweet as a strawberry!

Emelyn Rosales

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I love to collect "I ️heart " t-shirts of places.

Elizabeth Romero-Garza

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I love to rollerblade. 

Diana Craia

Teaching Staff

On my daughter’s 10th birthday, her wish was to travel in time to play with me as a kid at the same age as her.

Jolene Morales

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I collect magnets and mugs from new places I visit.

Christine Fernandez

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: My favorite thing to do is spend time loving my family.


Ambrosia Dryden

Site Director

Fun Fact: I Iike to organize things for fun and I love ice cream. I make costumes for charity events. 

Kaleena Ugaitafa

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I took my first plane ride when I was 18 years old!

Jake Cuenca

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I love to compete. I did competitive swimming for 8 years, and recently, I compete in tournaments for the card game Magic: The Gathering.


Ari Bird

Site Director

Fun Fact: From ages 12-14 I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico with my family. I learned Spanish, explored the region, and developed a love for Chile/lime covered fruits and fresh juice served in plastic bags. 

Lamont Banks

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: I’m a really good baker!

Ian Schaefer

Teaching Staff

Fun Fact: My cat's name is Boogie.