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Being a Part of the Global Cardboard Challenge

Hazel had me watch a video quite a while ago about a boy named Caine and his arcade.  If you haven’t seen it, please do.  I watched it, had my boys watch it, had Ron watch it and then had everyone I knew watch it.

We went to Los Angeles for a week after summer camp ended.  The boys really wanted to go to Disneyland, the beach, hang out with cousins and see Caine.  We had a really good time and were able to get to everything, but the week was coming to a close and we still had to visit Caine’s Arcade.  We looked online and saw that some of the games had been at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  That was very upsetting to us.  We had hoped to visit the arcade while in Los Angeles and learned that we could have just driven across the Bay Bridge to see the arcade.

We took a chance and drove to East L.A. with my sister Maggie to try to find the auto part store that Caine’s family owns.  To our delight, it was open, the games were there and so was Caine.  What we didn’t know was that there was also an event going on at the shop.  Caine had just celebrated his 10th birthday that week and there was a party going on.  It took me a bit to catch on that the film maker, Caine’s family, the woman who wrote the song for the short film were all there along with a number of people who had come to celebrate.  We were just so excited to see that the games were in Los Angeles.

A new film was being shot in anticipation of Global Day at Play.  I looked it up when we got back home and saw the listing for the Global Cardboard Challenge.  I signed us up.  Finding cardboard boxes is never a problem.  We started this week at both Paden and Maya Lin Schools.  My room is a disaster each day with cut up boxes, paper, paint and brushes.  The kids are having so much fun and being their wonderful creative selves. 

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