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We have wanted to decorate eggs in the style of Fabergé for the last few years. When Kate found small wooden eggs while shopping she bought them all!

We shared the history of Fabergé eggs and showed lots of examples from the collection.

The eggs were a celebration of Easter and love tokens, given from Tsar Alexander III to his wife, Tsarina Maria Feodorovna. Until the 1916 overthrow of the tsar, Carl Fabergé’s jewelry workshop made 50 Easter eggs for the royal family, each taking a year or more to craft. The eggs were produced in the greatest of secrecy, and each contained a surprise. There are 42 eggs known to have survived and they are worth millions of dollars.

Our artists used acrylic paint first then embellished their eggs with puffy paint, jewels and glitter. Many asked if we were going to put treasures inside but sadly we could not.

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