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Keeping Busy Making Stick People

While staying at home, or close to home, we have all been trying out new ideas. I saw a photo of a stick person from Mini Mad Things. I thought it would be fun to make a few. We have a lot of yarn from my sister Theresa and there lots of sticks available everywhere.

I began to see Y sticks everywhere. Seeing a person when looking at a stick is kind of silly, but that's where I was. I could see people lying everywhere waiting for me to pick them up and get them dressed in fabulous colors. My yard stick family grew. First, they were inside our front yard and then they started to move into the planters outside our fence. Friends began to find them on their front porches if they had a COVID birthday to celebrate. I can't seem to stop making them. Sharing the joy of making stick people is kind of a thing for me.


Y stick for the body, legs, head and neck.

Straight piece for the arms

Colorful Yarn Black Marker

Googly Eyes Tacky Glue (or glue gun)

  1. Place your straight stick across the Y shaped stick to make the arms and begin wrapping yarn to hold it in place.

  2. Begin wrapping yarn around the body to make clothes.

  3. To make the hair wrap yarn around your hand or a piece of cardboard, remove the bundle of yarn and tie a knot around the middle. Trim the looped ends of the yarn to make the hair. You can create any hairstyle you want to. Glue into place. (If you have a glue gun, the gluing is a little easier than using tacky glue)

  4. Draw a mouth with a black marker and glue on eyes using tacky glue (use a toothpick, if you have one) to dab the glue on the googly eyes.-MiniMad Things cut a gouge in for the mouth. I was a little nervous about telling the kids to do this online so we used the permanent marker.

  5. Find a place to put your stick person. Find more Y shaped sticks in your yard or on walks and make a whole family.

My brother Tom has a stack of Y sticks waiting for me when we can visit in person once again. Until then, I will keep picking up potential new friends to decorate my yard, friends yards, the front of our studio, and other random spaces. If you make one, please send a picture or tag us #alamedaartsfun on Instagram. Have fun!


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