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These three engaging, hands-on projects introduce students to the art of 3  women artists who pushed themselves beyond their contemporary norms to create their art.  The projects are aligned to overlapping subsets of the 5th Grade National Core Visual Arts Standards. Your students advance towards mastery of the full Standards by completing all three art projects plus the included visual art activities. Working collaboratively they'll


  • Envision, design and create their own, real works of art.

  • Explore how curators preserve, maintain and present artwork.

  • Virtually visit the Escherian Stairway at Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Identify and analyze cultural associations suggested by visual imagery.

  • Identify how art is used to inform or change beliefs, values, or behaviors of an individual or society.


You'll be engaged as well as you guide your students through creating their own art, supported by written guidelines, photographs, fun tutorial videos and lists of commonly available art supplies. Additional visual art activities and vocabulary help empower you to lead your students to proficiency in the full Natinal Core Visual Arts Standards. These projects can be scheduled at your convenience, conducted in your classroom or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously. The fun, collaborative nature of group art exploration strengthens your class's sense of community and helps alleviate "Zoom fatigue" for teachers and students alike. We all know that engagement, of both educators and learners, is a key component of effective pedagogy. This is it. Let's go!


This PDF contains active links.

3 Women of Color in the Arts - 5th grade standards

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