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Being fifth in a family of twelve children has made Kate a flexible and thoughtful person who knows how to have fun! She hails from Palos Verdes Peninsula, and settled in Alameda with her family. Her work as a pre-school teacher and her studies in theater add to the gifts she shares with the kids. 

On weekends you will find Kate hiking, on a bike ride or enjoying a family meal with her sons Hank and Nate. She loves a messy art project and a good book. You will often see Ms Kate at a ball game or kids productions, she tries not to miss them. She loves to support her Alameda Arts family.


Originally from Plattsburgh NY, Hazel loves a good adventure and a good laugh with friends. She graduated from San Francisco State, then backpacked for a few years and landed in Alameda. She enjoyed collecting ideas and treasures along the way.

Hazel and her daughter Isabella are Tap Dancing Christmas Trees! She loves spending time with friends and family, knitting and creating all sorts of art. She is grateful for and delighted by being surrounded by her little friends.


What if you had a wild idea to do something you love and it worked?

Alameda Arts was born in January 2012 at a time when Kate and Hazel were looking to make a change in their lives. They were busy moms working in food service jobs which left them little time to be with their own families. They took a leap of faith, quit their jobs in the city and started at Paden and Maya Lin schools.


Kate and Hazel saw a need in Alameda for a quality after-school experience that centered around the child. Being moms first has helped them build a joyful community of families who value the importance of children choosing how to play and learn after school. Their goal is to have after school feel like playing in the neighborhood like it did when they were kids.


Kate and Hazel often ask themselves, "What if you had a crazy idea and it worked?" With the love and support of family, friends and our community, Alameda Arts has grown to four schools, two styles of summer camps, and has taught hundreds of happy kids that art is fun!


Kate and Hazel launched Create Like a Kid TM in 2020 to make space for grown ups to have fun with art. They believe we are all artists and love helping others to tap into their inner child and exercise their creativity. 



Maya Lin




Jolene Morales

Site Director

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road


David Campbell

Teaching Staff

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint CholThis Ice Cream


Ornella Soto

Site Director

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Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry, it's a classic!


Ron Whittaker

Site Director

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Emelyn Rosalio

Teaching Staff

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Cole Mendoza

Teaching Staff

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Stephanie Bailey

Teaching Staff

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Elyjah Rayndles

Teaching Staff

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Favorite Ice Cream: Always Chocolate

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Emily Lau

Teaching Staff

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Jeremiah Cole

Teaching Staff

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Steven Ngyuen

Teaching Staff

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Abby Belkhalfia

Teaching Staff

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Luke Freeman

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Grace Pabalan

Teaching Staff

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Curtis Cameron

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Fei Ulibarri

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Kyle Hoffman

Teaching Staff

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Dorothy P-D

Social Media Supervisor

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Cookie Dough

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Social Media Coordinator

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