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We offer play-based, art-infused, and child-focused after-school enrichment programming for Paden, Maya Lin, Otis, and Nea Schools.


Together We Explore, Create, and Have Fun

At Alameda Arts, we understand the importance of providing a space where children’s creativity can flourish. As soon as the traditional school day ends, students are welcomed into our vibrant world, greeted with a nutritious snack that fuels their afternoon adventures. Your child will have access to a blend of art instruction, special programs, structured activities, and free playtime. They'll be encouraged to make lasting memories with friends and our dedicated staff, all while having the freedom to choose their own activities and explore both indoor and outdoor spaces.

We firmly believe that play is the foundation of joy, and it's at the core of our program. Our classrooms are transformed into Art Labs, where a treasure trove of supplies awaits, allowing children to create to their heart's content. From daily art projects to the freedom to play with Legos, building blocks, games, jewelry making, and melty bead creations, the possibilities are endless. Imaginative play comes to life with butterfly wings and bubbles, sparking endless smiles and laughter.

We're here from the end of the school day until 6 pm, ensuring that your child is in safe hands even on early release days. Our program calendars align with the A.U.S.D. and Nea school year schedules, giving you peace of mind. Enroll your child in Alameda Arts After-School Program today and watch them thrive in an environment that celebrates creativity, fosters friendship, and cultivates lifelong skills. Join our community of young artists and explorers - the adventure awaits! 


Lots of Art

We are Alameda Arts after all. We learn about all kinds of artists using hands on experiences with paint, paper mache, cardboard and anything we can think of. We love to upcycle!


Outdoor Play

Think neighborhood, think friends and fresh air. We play games and sports. We have treasure hunts and explore. We make big bubbles and play with water when it's hot. Each of our sites has it's own unique brand of fun!


To name a few of our favorites of a list that is ever expanding-We grow crystals, build with cardboard, build kites, learn about Rube Goldberg, build catapults, paper chain challenge, marshmallow/spaghetti build, try our luck with slime. 

STEM Activities


We take the art of snacking seriously. We try new fruits like rambutan and honey plums all of which we call "Nature's candy." We enjoy our favorites like mandarins, apples and kiwis. We have crunchies, cheese, yogurt and make your own trail mix. We offer a variety of healthy options for all taste buds. We accommodate for any and all allergies. 

Snack Time


We pride ourselves in operating a multi-age program, meaning that students are given an opportunity not always afforded to them during school hours: to make lots of friends across grade lines! Big friends and little friends bond within Alameda Arts programs, whether it's daily play and art projects, or special community building activities like "The Cardboard Challenge", "Capture the Flag" and more!

Community Building

The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before

Neil Gaiman


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