Create Like a Kid

Are you looking for a creative boost for your next family or friend gathering? 


When your team needs a creative boost, an attitude adjustment or just a grown up recess, Alameda Arts can provide curated, engaging art activities in a fun, group atmosphere.   


  • We deliver everything needed for each participant individually packed with all the materials, instructions and video tutorial.

  • We meet online with your group to set a fun and relaxed vibe, get the project started and lead everyone through the activity.

  • Everyone leaves with a finished project and a rejuvenated spirit.


Contact us to discuss setting up your own private Create Like A Kid™ session. 

For project ideas, check out the Alameda Arts YouTube channel

Join one of our open Tuesday evening sessions to experience the vibe yourself. 


Ready to start a quality after-school program?

The mission of Alameda Arts is to inspire and support the inherent creativity of every child through caring relationships and access to rich and varied mediums and activities. Ready to start a program in your school or community? “Find a need, fill a need”.


There is not one precise way to set up a program, but Alameda Arts will help you with research to find just what your school community needs, individualizing program design to reflect what sort of enrichment and activities to offer.

Alameda Arts will support you to find and train your after school staff, and help after school staff plan and make good decisions in six critical areas: integration with the traditional school day, management, collaboration, programming, evaluation, and communication.  


Alameda Arts will support you to work with staff to understand the importance of nurturing children all within a joyful framework.

Looking for professional development for your staff?  

Alameda Arts provides hands-on art experiences with a focus on the use of recycled materials for preschool and elementary school teachers.  


With a child first focus, Alameda Arts believes that children can learn through the experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing.  


Our 75 minute workshops are set up in a similar way. Your staff will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in a playful practice of meaningful, process driven art activities.