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This PDF (19 pages w/active links, 10 MB) contains 6 fun, hands-on ​art projects: supply lists, instructions, photos, and video tutorial links.  These six engaging, hands-on art projects are aligned to overlapping subsets of the 1st Grade Common Core Visual Arts Standards. Your students advance towards mastery of the full Standards by completing multiple art projects plus the included visual art activities. Working collaboratively they'll


  • Envision, design and create their own, real works of art.
  • Explore art using cool new media.
  • Learn to relate art to the daily lives of themselves and others.
  • Examine art as an activity outside of school.
  • Consider how different images of the same subject can present very different messages to the viewer.


Have fun as you guide your students through creating their own art, supported by written guidelines, photographs, fun tutorial videos and lists of commonly available art supplies. Additional visual art activities and vocabulary help empower you to lead your students to proficiency in the full Common Core Visual Arts Standards.


These projects can be scheduled at your convenience, conducted in your classroom or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously. The fun, collaborative nature of group art exploration strengthens your class's sense of community and helps alleviate "Zoom fatigue" for teachers and students alike.


We all know that engagement, of both educators and learners, is a key component of effective pedagogy. This is it. Let's go!


This PDF contains active links.


This item is a paid digital download from AlamedaArts.Com and is protected by U.S. copyright laws and is intended for use in only one class (physical or online) per school year.  Redistributing, editing, selling, and/or posting this item (or any original content therein), in physical or digital form, are all strictly prohibited without the written permission of Alameda Arts.  Violators may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.

    Educators Collection - 1st Grade: Six Common Core Art Projects in PDF

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      • PANEL ART: inspired by Ueli Hofer - Students create multi-faceted artwork, choosing whether and how to incorporate drawing, painting and collage elemrnts. They decide whether to create a narrative, explore pure abstract expressionism or blend the two.
      • ASSEMBLAGE: inspired by Betye Saar - Students learn about structured collages and use personal representations to convey symbolic expressions.
      • MULTIMEDIA SHEET MUSIC MESSAGES - A different type of collaging that allows students to juxtapose written text and a personal visual element against a rigidly structured background.
      • 3-D ROOM - Students strengthen expressive skills (composition, drawing, coloring) while adding the added perspective of 3-D elements.
      • GLASS LANTERNS - Expression meets function.  Students experience the duality of art.
      • ZEN SCRIBBLE ART - Scribbling, or doodling, is a relaxing activity that actually helps people feel calmer and more centered.  Filling their scribbles with colors and patterns allows students to passively express themselves, sometimes creating a surprising impactful aestetic.


      If you are interested in purchasing the art supplies needed for these projects, please contact Ms. Hazel & Ms. Kate at Alameda Arts.

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