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This PDF (20 pages w/active links, 3 MB) contains 6 engaging, hands-on ​art projects: supply lists, instructions, photos, and video tutorial links. Each project is aligned to overlapping subsets of the 5th Grade Common Core Visual Arts Standards. Your students advance towards mastery of the full Standards by completing multiple art projects plus the included visual art activities. Working collaboratively they'll


  • Envision, design and create their own, real works of art.
  • Learn about innovative artists by exploring their techniques.
  • Visit a completely virtual museum and virtually visit one of the "weirdest museums in Texas".
  • Explore how the components of visual images convey information about culture and context.
  • Challenge themselves through truly learning about art criticism, by both giving it and receiving it.


Have fun as you guide your students through creating their own art, supported by written guidelines, photographs, fun tutorial videos and lists of commonly available art supplies. Additional visual art activities and vocabulary help empower you to lead your students to proficiency in the full Common Core Visual Arts Standards.


These projects can be scheduled at your convenience, conducted in your classroom or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously.  The fun, collaborative nature of group art exploration strengthens your class's sense of community and helps alleviate "Zoom fatigue" for teachers and students alike.  We all know that engagement, of both educators and learners, is a key component of effective pedagogy.  This is it.  Let's go!


This PDF contains active links.  Please contact us at Info@AlamedaArts.Com if you are interested in ordering bundled project art supplies for an entire class.




This item is a paid digital download from AlamedaArts.Com and is protected by U.S. copyright laws and is intended for use in only one class (physical or online) per school year.  Redistributing, editing, selling, and/or posting this item (or any original content therein), in physical or digital form, are all strictly prohibited without the written permission of Alameda Arts.  Violators may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.

Educators Collection - 4th Grade: Six Common Core Art Projects in PDF

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    • SCRAPE PAINTING: Inspired by Gabriele Münter - Students create their own painting implements to experience a different mode of painting and expand their tools for self expression.
    • WIRE QUILT STORYTELLING - Quilts traditionally present a story, a pattern, an emotion, etc.  Students practice using traditional quilting criteria to evaluate a non-traditional mode of quilting.
    • MULTIMEDIA PORTRAIT: Inspired by Stef Renee - Stef Renee is an SF Bay Area artist. We are inspired by her watercolor paintings that she uplifts with added embroidery.
    • BLEEDING TISSUE PAPER PAINTING - Bleeding tissue is a special type of tissue paper that releases its color when it is wet, producing an effect similar to watercolor painting.
    • ROCK ART Inspired by Mark Tucker - Mark Tucker is an artist who collects rocks while traveling. He looks at the shape of the rocks and creates people or scenes by moving the rocks around and gluing them onto wood or canvas. This is a pleasingly tactile artform that help students appreciate the possibilities of creating art that surround them.
    • COLLAGRAPH PRINTING  - From the Greek kolla meaning glue and graph means drawing, collagraph is an engaging, innovative form of multimedia relief printing.


    If you are interested in purchasing the art supplies needed for these projects, please contact Ms. Hazel & Ms. Kate at Alameda Arts.

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