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This PDF (17 pages w/active links, 10.2 MB) contains 6 fun, hands-on ​art projects: supply lists, instructions, photos, and video tutorial links.  The projects have been field tested in our classes, camps and online seminars and each can be implemented in either an online or classroom learning environment.  Included at no extra cost are additional images and digital media links with instructional guidelines, including art vocabulary, that align all of the material to achievement of the full Common Core Visual Arts Standards.


In addition to hands-on ​art design and creation, the Standards incorporate exploration of where, why and how ​art is displayed and preserved​, how students interact with and react to ​art​, and the development of students’ ability to express their understanding of an ​artwork’s technical and ​expressive properties​.


Our individual art projects address overlapping subsets of the Standards.  Completing multiple projects deepens students’ appreciation of ​art and strengthens their understanding of the concepts presented within the Standards.  Full achievement of the Standards is accomplished by examining the additional visual media​, within the context of teacher prompts that are aligned to individual Standards.




This item is a paid digital download from AlamedaArts.Com and is protected by U.S. copyright laws and is intended for use in only one class (physical or online) per school year.  Redistributing, editing, selling, and/or posting this item (or any original content therein), in physical or digital form, are all strictly prohibited without the written permission of Alameda Arts.  Violators may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.

    Educators Collection - Kinder: Six Common Core Art Projects in PDF

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      • CARDBOARD ROLL SCULPTURE - This project reinforces the idea of repurposing a discarded object for artistic expression and reintroduces a 3-D element to student's art.
      • STRETCHY CAKE - Drawings of cultural icons are transformed as students explore how to not just create visual imagery, but to manipulate it.
      • MILK JUG MASKS - Students employ painting & collaging to reuse and transform a commonplace object into art.  Groups of students can collaborate to present a theme or narrative.
      • FLIP-FLOP BOOKS - Students learn to manipulate paper to create a multi-leveled drawing medium.  Drawn characters can then be transformed in multiple ways.
      • AIR DRY CLAY - An engagingly tactile medium that is easily available and can even be made at home.  The versatility of clay allows students to completely unleash their imagination.
      • POP-UP CARDS - The 3 dimensional nature of pop-up art leads students towards a more comprehensive artistic vision.  Plus it's just plain fun when an element pops out from the background.


      If you are interested in purchasing the art supplies needed for these projects, please contact Ms. Hazel & Ms. Kate at Alameda Arts.

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