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little hand sewn popsicles for background

Happy Spring!

We are busy creating, playing and enjoying this season.

Planning a Corporate Retreat?  Needing a recess break with creative  energy?  
Alameda Arts Create Like a Kid can give a boost of energy to any meeting or party.  Contact us


Create Like a Kid™
Fundraising, Community Building and A Break from
the Daily Grind.
Like a Kid™

Need to reconnect and raise funds? 
Is it time to  have fun with your coworkers?  

  Let us help you.  Find out more.  

Alameda Arts Online

We regularly post new art projects  on our Instagram and YouTube pages. 

Photo of all students in our 2019/20 program to remind them that we are still together

Alameda Arts offers a number of programs both in person and online for creative students of all ages.


Our Programs

 Join us to explore
curiosity, creativity and joy.
We have programs at Paden, Maya Lin, Otis and Nea Schools.

CREATE LIKE A KID™- Invite us to lead your group with art projects.

Party Ideas

painting of flamingos by kindergartner

Look at our store for projects delivered to your door.  

Having a party? We can provide bagged art projects for each guest.  


Creating your own Group?

collage inspired by Betye Saar

Alameda Arts has complete projects with materials, instruction and video tutorials for your small group/club/art docent program.

Order Here

photo of paintings inspired by Frida Kahlo
background photo for parent review section, kid playing in yard


“I love this program. Thank you for the program you already have, it's wonderful!.” 


—  Parent Review

watercolor palette

Contact Us

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