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Henna Tattoos

Our neighbor is from Eritrea.  She is a lovely, generous woman.  She offered to bring a friend to do Henna Tattoos for the children.  We decided it would be great fun to do this with the kids this summer.  Our neighbor brought her Egyptian tattoo artist friend and she arrived with a stack of drawings for us to choose from and Cate was the first one to go.  It was a bit itchy while it was drying but the results were quite beautiful.  The girls were all for it, but the boys were a bit hesitant.  They saw a drawing of a sunburst and both got it on the backs of their hands giving them “sun power”.

The kids had a chance to experience something new.  They learned about the art and got to meet someone from a far off land.  Those who are back with us this week still have them.

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