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International Clean Mud Day

Did you know that today, June 29, is International Mud Day? It is a day to celebrate the outdoors, get messy and enjoy life.  The day is sponsored by World Forum Foundation. It is a perfect day for us.

Mud Day began in Panchkhal, Nepal, a town close to Kathmandu. It was organized as a way to bring people closer to nature. 58 orphaned children had the opportunity to laugh and play in a pitch of mud. The organizer had to jump in the mud himself to encourage the kids to join in, and join in they did.

Since the first Mud Day, the World Forum Foundation has encouraged children everywhere to get messy and embrace nature. We are in a space this summer that makes it difficult to get very dirty.  We decided that this was the year for clean mud.  The kids all helped shave the Ivory soap into the water table, we ripped up toilet paper (which prompted a lot of questions about cleanliness) and added the water.  It looks like wet mashed potatoes and feels like a cloud.

We also got wet, dined on “dirt and worms” (chocolate pudding, crushed cookies, and gummy worms), created huge bubbles, and had a great day.  The clean mud was so amazing that we kept it for the next week.

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