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Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Thursday, Hannah made a kite all by herself, she’s in kindergarten.  It was a folded square with a string taped to it.  She dragged it around most of the day.  This kite was our inspiration when we went outside to play and it was windy. 

I ran inside grabbed some things we had like, old peacock feathers to use as a spine, wooden sticks, thin paper, tape, string, yarn and some scraps of fabric for the tails.  We tried.  I heard, “Can I make a kite, can I make a kite?”  Yes.  We tried.  They flew with moderate success, the kids were happy, but we could do better.

Excited by the kite adventure, I shared with Kate about our day.  She found us an easy kite we could make.  Off we went to Pagano’s Hardware for supplies on Friday (surveyors tape for the tails, skewers, and card stock).  We made lots of bright kites.  It was SO MUCH FUN flying them and the kids were SO HAPPY.  Everywhere you looked on the playground were kids running with kites.  It was a great idea, thanks Hannah!

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