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The Kid with the Pearl Earring

Hazel and I wanted to do something with a photo and canvas with the kids at both sites as an end of the year project.  Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring was coming to the  The de Young Museum in San Francisco.  We both loved the painting and decided that was THE ONE!

We headed in to San Francisco the first Wednesday in May.  The exhibit was incredible.  We walked through a gallery of Rembrandt van Rijn’s etchings.  So inspirational.  We then saw the great works of the Dutch Golden Age, ending with the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the kids that afternoon to share what I had seen.  A dad from Hazel’s program offered to take the pictures of the kids and we had them paint canvases to  frame their photos.  Our hope is that some day, when the see the painting themselves, they will remember something about this lovely work.

Here are some of the finished pieces.

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