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The Most Awesome Spin Art Machine

We were doing spin art inside salad spinners when one of the dads and I got talking about how cool it would be to have a GIANT spin art machine. Being slightly obsessed with spin art, we had tried this at summer camp attached to a bike. While fun, the bike was too big for most of our little friends. Dylan, Maddi’s dad, went to work on this idea using recycled parts and the final product is incredible plus he saved many components from the landfill. The kids (and me and Kate) absolutely love it.

We use watered down tempera paint in big squeeze bottles. The kids take turns turning the spinner for each other and then being the artist. It is fun to do and fun to watch it spin and then stop to see what it looks like. We always have a circle around the machine when we use it and there are lots of oooohs and ahhhhs.

After struggling to keep the paper on the wheel we discovered we can use 20″ pizza cardboard circles and it’s a lot easier. Thanks Dylan!

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