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What's going on with Ms. Kate and Ms. Hazel

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

It has been a while since we last blogged about anything. Since SIP, Hazel and I found a new direction for Alameda Arts. At first we thought it was just until we were back in the schools, but now, who knows?

We started in April with morning time Zoom visits with our little friends. We found things to make with one piece of paper, made a few videos for our YouTube channel (Alameda Arts, in case you want to find them), and hoped this would all end soon. What we found is that we like staying focused on creating ideas, learning new techniques, trying out crazy ideas and branching out. Of course, we can't wait to be back in person with our little friends.

We have found ways to get a little time with them and not only on Zoom. Ron had an idea to create a banner with photos of each of our kids because we hadn't been able to have a proper end of the school year. He mapped out

routes, made a schedule and took us out to photograph as many of our friends as we could (others sent in pictures). We now have that incredible reminder of our 2019/20 school year hanging outside of our office. I get a little teary when I look at it. Hazel and I

have put together bags with odds and ends to build boats, dropped blank cards off with some of our friends to make cards for Meals on Wheels clients (they turned out to be so great) and Ron created a sort of geocache game-Alameda Arts style.

When school started, we switched from Camp in a Box, to Alameda Arts Online. We have three options for families: 5 projects and an art kit, 2 projects or 5 PDF's of the projects. They all come with access to the YouTube tutorials and our very fun Zoom time.

Now, we are introducing projects for our big friends. Tuesday nights with Kate and Hazel bring connection with others, a chance to be creative and all the materials needed for each project delivered to you. We are also offering this for your own group-pick a time and a project you want to do with your group of friends, co-workers or family.

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